Tailored funds

Where a pre-defined group of investors wishes to undertake specific transactions using their pension and/or non-pension money, Consortium can provide a structure using Exempt Property Unit Trusts (EPUTs), LLPs, companies or LPs.

Exempt Property Unit Trusts (EPUTs) are often used where investors:

  • want to use their pension funds, which might not be held with the same provider, to undertake a specific property transaction or development (say, buying a tenanted office building or redeveloping commercial space)
  • need more flexibility than direct holding in a SIPP / SSAS / QROPS / QNUPS can offer
  • want to limit their exposure to the amount they invest in the EPUT, protecting the other assets in the investing pension scheme

LLPs and LPs are used where investors:

  • want a tax transparent investment vehicle to undertake a specific investment
  • want to remain onshore, perhaps for reputational reasons or to promote transparency
  • want to limit their liability

A tailored fund of this sort is essentially a wrapper for an existing deal and will not usually involve a fund-raising exercise or information memorandum. We can act as the operator and manager of the LLP / LP and provide further services if required including supplying the dedicated general partner and property holding companies.

You can download our guide to establishing EPUTs here and our guide to establishing Limited Partnerships here.